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10/03/2018 UNEXPECTED #5 FOIL

  • $3.50

(W) Orlando, Steve (A) Nord, Cary (C) Nowlan, Kevin
StockID: 85369 Diamond#: AUG180577

Are you ready for an unexpected showdown inside the walls of Castle Frankenstein? Hell yeah! The Unexpected team tracks down Hawkman- but will the Winged Wonder have a larger role to play? Meanwhile- the race to neutralize the Nth metal isotope reaches its climax as Onimar Synn and his Necro-Legions descend upon the Unexpected. But as Neon the Unknown investigates- he learns that the toxic Nth metal may not even be from our Multiverse. Finally- the true menace of Alden Quench begins to emerge from the shadows of DARK NIGHTS: METAL- FINAL CRISIS and the new HAWKMAN series!