03/22/2023 ASTROBOTS #1 (OF 5) CVR D PEREZ

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(W) Furman, Simon (A) Trunnec, Hector (C) Perez, Josh
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Josh Perez- cover artist on Transformers- IDW's Godzilla- Megaman: Master Mix- UDON's Street Fighter- and more- brings his experience with giant robots and anime to the world of Astrobots. Simon Furman- writer of the original Transformers comic series and creator of Marvel's Death's Head- has teamed up with Heavy Metal artist Hector Trunnec to create an all-new Mecha-Masterwork based on the toyline designed by Aaron Thomas. Pathfinders- Pioneers…breaking new ground in the furthest reaches of the galaxy…they are - ASTROBOTS. The clock is ticking for planet Earth and the race is on to find a new world capable of sustaining human life. New- sophisticated machine lifeforms called Astrobots are dispatched to scout far-flung worlds in the hope of crafting a new home. With food and raw materials running out and climate disasters escalating- the evacuation of the entire human population is the only slender hope remaining. On Colony World 1- a catastrophic power struggle forges a new - all-Astrobot - society- and presiding over this nascent civilization is Atlas- an evolved mech with a futureproof plan. A plan that does not include humankind.