10/26/2022 PLANET COMICS #12 (C: 0-0-1)

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PLANET COMICS #12 (C: 0-0-1)
(W) Various, (A) VARIOUS, (C) Larsen, Hal
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'Lords of the Cosmos: Taste the Dirt' (Dennis Fallon- Jason Palmatier- Zach Snyder- Dave Sharpe): 200-000 years ago- a war waged by sentient plants ravaged Planet Alden- until a new threat killed off all them save one: Orchamemnon. But an ancient technology saved and sustained this lone survivor until he could aid the Lords of the Cosmos against the Disciples of Umex millennia later. 'Division 77' (Dave Heeley- Sinclair Elliott- Gary Burley): All seemed lost as the virus raged across the Earth. Then the Grakon arrived- promising a cure as long as Earth's bravest and brightest would fight for them in their wars. A millennium later- the cyborg troops of Division 77 continue to leave chaos and death in their wake. All hope of regaining their humanity is lost- or is it?