08/30/2023 EDEN ONE SHOT

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(W) Bunn, Cullen (A) Talajic, Dalibor (C) Talajic, Dalibor
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Tattoo artist Niles lives his life in a kind of daze. Minute after minute- he muddles through the repetitive moments of his job- his life and his guilt. All that changes when Eden walks through the doors of the tattoo shop. She's looking for something...different...and she finds it with Niles. But Eden is a woman surrounded by deep mysteries...not the least of which is how and why her new tattoos vanish after only a few days. As Niles learns more about Eden- he is driven to fathomless depths of both love and horror. A prestige format 'One-Shock' featuring top creative talent- EDEN is a harrowing hor-ror/romance conceived and written by Cullen Bunn (PIECEMEAL- DARK ARK- KNIGHTS TEM-PORAL- BROTHERS DRACUL)- drawn by Dalibor Talajic (WITCH HAMMER- RELAY) and colored by Valentina Briški. Be prepared to accompany the notions of love- creation and heartbreak to terrifying places.