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03/20/2019 SPIDER-MAN LIFE STORY #1 (OF 6)

  • $6.79

(W) Zdarsky, Chip (A) Bagley, Mark (C) Zdarsky, Chip
StockID: 101590 Diamond#: JAN190927

In 1962- in AMAZING FANTASY #15- 15-year-old Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider and became the Amazing Spider-Man! Fifty-seven years have passed in the real world since that event - so what would have happened if the same amount of time passed for Peter as well? A special high-end limited series that's a part of the celebration of Marvel's 80th anniversary- SPIDER-MAN: LIFE STORY combines the talents of Chip Zdarsky (SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN- MARVEL 2-IN-ONE) and Mark Bagley (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN- ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN) to tell the entire history of Spider-Man from beginning to end- set against the key events of the decades through which he lived! In this first oversized issue- when Flash Thompson is drafted to serve during the Vietnam War- Spidey must weigh the question of where his responsibility truly lies! Rated T

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