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03/13/2019 PEARL #7 VAR ED (MR)

  • $5.43

(W) Bendis, Brian Michael (A) Gaydos, Michael (C) Kristiansen, Teddy H.
StockID: 101286 Diamond#: JAN190623

From the creators of Jessica Jones! The new Yakuza crime epic begins a bold new chapter. It's what we in the business call a reader-friendly jumping-on point! Meet Pearl- a talented tattoo artist for elite members of the Yakuza in San Francisco. Following the tragedy of her mother's death- Pearl tattooed her albino skin with an elaborate full-body tattoo you can see only when she is flushed with excitement-or rage. Now Pearl has learned the truth behind her family- her clan and her upbringing- all of which sends her heading to Tokyo to face her legacy head-on! Award-winning artist Michael Gaydos focuses his amazing eye on Japan! All this- plus an all-new- in-depth Jinxworld letter column!